SDC Rabies Campaign

Street Dog Care provides yearly rabies vaccination to approximately 1000 street dogs within Boudhanath and the surrounding community. This reduces significantly the likelihood of canine-caused rabies outbreak.  And it creates a safer, more liveable community with a healthier street dog population. Boudha’s street dogs will be less threatened by the risk of contracting rabies.

The dogs are vaccinated directly on the streets, with the help of local volunteers and people from the community. Its a joined effort to vaccinate 1000 dogs and we are happy to make the life of dogs and people more peaceful in the area.  

Our campaign begins at Boudha Stupa and spreads to Jorpati, Mahankal, Tusal and Pashupatinat.  Each encountered dog is vaccinated, with the exception of those who are pregnant or ill.

Our vaccination efforts also function as community outreach and education. We distribute approximately 2.500 educational flyers to the children. This offers an opportunity to inform about the health risks of rabies and also about proper animal welfare treatment.

In 2011 we vaccinated 200 dogs against rabies,

in 2012 we vaccinated 500 dogs against rabies,

in 2013 we vaccinated 800 dogs against rabies,

in 2014 we vaccinated 900 dogs against rabies,

in 2015 we vaccinated 808 dogs against rabies, (earthquake year)

in 2016 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies,

in 2017 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies,

in 2018 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

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