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SDC Prayers

Many of the street dogs that reach our centre have experienced previous difficult conditions and have severe sicknesses. Sometimes they only have a few days left to live. During their time with us we try to ensure their medical care with professional Vets and Vet. Technicians.

For dogs who are in a terminal condition, we offer a comforting place to spend their last days so that they can depart in peace. We like to say goodbye in an honourable way and offer them prayers and good wishes.

Peaceful burials are done near Monasteries, the local forest and Stupas.

Many of our dogs have been long term friends and family members. We like to send them love and pray for them when they leave.

You can join us and send your good wishes too!

We also created a community page on FB, that is called “Love and Prayers for Animals” IF you need a prayer for your animal you are welcome to connect us there. Here is the link:

Please pray for our friend Blaze. ❤️

January 27th, 2019

Our little Blaze left… ❤️❤️❤️

Unfortunately, we have sad news. 

Blaze left this morning. We are very sad. We picked him up from the vet. yesterday evening. He had spent the night there from Friday to Saturday. He was on IV and we felt like he was leaving soon. We did not want him to be alone and took him with us to the centre were we continued the same treatment as at the Vet. 

He fell asleep in peace on his new bed and didn’t wake up in the morning. 

The little bed was just finished not painted yet and we had it specially made for him. As all dogs we’re getting a new warm house we thought our Blaze needs a small bed where he can sleep on during the day. 

He couldn’t move due to the accident and we did not want him always lying on the floor. 

Our poor little guy. Now he left. 

We had requested a Lama to come since last week. Today he came to make prayers and puja for the centre and all the dogs. Blaze probably chose this day for his departure and received many blessings and prayers. Please think of him! He was our family too!

Sweet Puppy Blaze. You with your sparkling eyes so full of life and white baby teeth chomping down treats offered to you. Thank you for giving people the chance to cuddle you, to feed you and to make you a new bed. You have left with lots of blessings & prayers. ? LISA ONG

Please pray for our friend Tihalt. ❤️

January 20th, 2019

We lost little Tihalt on the full moon/eclipse day January 20th, 2019.

from Lisa Ong – Tihalt rests in peace. 
He came furless but now he’s clothed.  
He was hungry but now he’s fed. 
He was homeless but now he’s home. ♥️

Please pray for our friend Thor. ❤️

January 14th, 2019

Unfortunately we have sad news about our dog Thor. He left yesterday on January 14th, as he suddenly suffered from kidney failure. It was very quick. On January 13th he didn’t want to wake up so we rushed to our Vet. to see what was wrong with him. The following day, after having received IV treatment he passed away. 

He was in peace and loved at our shelter. His fur was just growing back and a kind lady from Singapore (Lisa) had sponsored a dog house for him. 

Despite all this he decided to leave…. he went in a peaceful way.

Thank you, Thor, for offering us the chance to partake in your healing and your liberation. Good rest, sweet giant. May we meet again. ?

Please pray for our friend Home. ❤️

Sad news: On Christmas Day our sweet dog Home left us. He had just arrived recently at the dog centre. Home was already very old and also blind. He felt tired from the street life. Please send your prayers for him. He was a good soul! ❤️❤️❤️ December 24, 2018

Please pray for this little girl. ❤️

Not even in time to know her or give her a name. She was abandoned and we only found her dead body. So sad and not fair what happens to our street dogs.

We had to burry this little girl yesterday. Please pray for her! December 16th, 2018

Please pray for Vilem. ❤️

November 26th, 2018 – Sadly our newcomer Vilem passed away today. He arrived on a full moon day and suffered from a severe kidney problem. There was not much that we could do for him. We gave him IV fluids, but the blood test was showing that things didn’t look good. He left shortly after. Please pray for our friend that just had a short time here!

Please pray for two souls.❤️

October 17th, 2018 – We sadly lost two dogs this week. One was hit by a car and the other doggy died of malnourishment. For both of them we could only give a peaceful burial and butterlamp offerings at the temple! Please send your prayers for them. 

Please pray for Seti, Lhamo & Vote. ❤️

Summer 2018 – We are so sad Seti, Lhamo and Vote left us. 

Seti girl was an old and almost blind doggie who enjoyed the peace at our centre. She had lived her entire life on the streets and we could feel her exhaustment. We are glad that she could go in peace and Dawa – one of our youngest dogs – sat together with her while she passed on!

Please pray for Vote. ❤️

Goodbye sweet Vote. Last night you left this earth and we will miss you a lot. What a sweet and gentle soul. Your body was old, your kidneys not working anymore, but your soul is free now. We send you much love and wish you a precious rebirth. He was buried near our centre.

Please pray for Lhamo. ❤️

Lhamo was a nice German Shepherd who must have been abandoned on the streets. She liked to play with a ball and had a very friendly nature.

On June 29, 2018 she left us.

Lhamo Shepard was playing happily and enjoying our new centre. During the last full moon night she left or simply did not wake up in the morning. It was a peaceful death, maybe her heart? We don’t know the exact reason as she was healthy and doing fine. Please send your prayers for her. Sweet Lhamo goodbye – we will miss you!

Please pray for Chempo.❤️

We lost our sweet and tiny cat Chempo yesterday. He tried to eat and survive – but it was to hard. We found him in Boudhanath. A street dog had chosen him as his food and carried him in his mouth. He was hurt on his leg and weak. So sorry Chempo darling. We liked you a lot. Sending prayers for you on Buddha Vesak!

Please pray for Karma.❤️

Karma had passed away a few month back. We kept him inside a flower pot as he was very precious to us! We were waiting for a special place to burry his body and found it in march 2018. It was under our temple tree in the new dog centre.

Chempo and Karma were not alone. We buried them together.

They will stay in our hearts each day. Goodbye sweet cats. Tara is with you!

We sit under the tree for prayers, over flowers, incense and light butter lamps for our sick dogs.

Today is Vesak (Buddha Jayanti), Buddhist festival that marks Shakyamuni Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. It is also a full moon day and so we decided to open our temple tree today.