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Dog Sponsorship

If you like to help a specific dog and get updates of him/her please sponsor a dog kennel for an entire year:

The cost is Euro: 300,- (which covers all cost)

(or Euro: 25,- per month)

Please enjoy the photos of our Kennel Sponsors and their lucky dogs below. (updated on December 28, 2018)

We have still some kennels and dogs available, please inquire about the sponsorship at:

Dog names in red color are free for sponsorship!

Kennels Main Area

Kennel 1 – dog boy Lakpa – sponsor Riet de G.

Kennel 2 – dog girl Jasmine – sponsor Ferol S.

Kennel 3 – dog lady Kali (grandma) – sponsor Yelena S.

Kennel 4 – dog girl Tsewang – sponsor Leane G.

Kennel 5 – dog girls Tara and Sasa 

Kennel 6 – dog girl Panda –  sponsor Sandra D.

Kennel 7 – dog old dog/Grandfather – sponsor Kevin F.

Kennel 8 – dog boy Andy – sponsor Elfi R.

Kennel 9 – (dog girl Lisa Surya), now Yangchen – sponsor Verena O.

Kennel 10 – dog girl Shicham – sponsor couple Laurene and Laurent

Kennel 11 – dog boy Rate – sponsor Kacey O.

Kennel 12 – dog boy Kunsang – sponsor Jan v. d. V.

Kennel 13 – (dog boy Thor), now Robi – sponsor Vanessa Z.

Kennel 14 – dog girl Simba – sponsor Marion W.

Kennel 15 – Dorje – no sponsor

Kennel 16 – Kyi – no sponsor

Dog houses in the front garden

Dog house 1 – guard dog lady Tara – sponsor Birgit G.

Dog house 2 – dog Maya – sponsor Valeria and Julian

Dog house 3 – dog girl Chomo Sang – sponsor Melanie H.

Dog house 4 – dog girl Karuna – sponsors Doug and Lauren

Dog house 5 – dog girl Bella-Junu – sponsor Amanda S.

Dog house 6 – (dog boy Blaze), Maxime – sponsor Petra H.

Dog house 7 – dog boy Diamond

Dog house 8 – dog boy Sete

Dog house 9 – Julie – sponsor Ginny C.

Dog house 10 – dog boy Sherbu

Boudha Office 

  • Pangre – sponsor Maria S.
  • Dubchen – sponsor Chinthaka G.
  • Sangmo – sponsor Maida 
  • Tsering – Franzi G.
  • dog girl Khaire – sponsor Elfi R.
  • dog mum Tushita
  • dog girl Kelsang 
  • dog boy Seti
  • dog boy Jamyang 

Here you can see all our lucky dogs that found a sponsor!

Thanks so much to everyone for making them happy and giving them love and care.