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SDC on the Road

Vet.Techs on the Road

Our Veterinary Technicians are on the roads each day to treat the street dogs. We are mainly working in the Boudha area!


February 2019 Update

Thanks to your calls many dogs have been treated. We went to 31 new cases and followed up with 49 cases that needed after care. 5 new dogs were admitted to our centre and we sadly had to say goodbye to 2 dogs. One passed away at our – it was a small puppy, who had an accident and one was Lisa Surya who stayed at our centre with a leg injury. 

The dogs we treated on the road had ear infection, needed wound dressing or deworming, Saline/IV treatment, chemo therapy because of tumor and hot spot treatment. One dog had lost her tail due to a car accident and needed X-ray and was admitted to our shelter. Another suffered from hernia. 

The five new dogs admitted to our centre are: Yangchen, her tail was cut off due to an accident. Sete who suffers from a blood problem, Diamond who suffered from hernia, Maxime because of old age and little puppy Sherbu.

One Boudha dog flew to Canada. We helped with the paperwork so that she could reach her family. 

Dorje who was admitted in December is improving well from his skin problems. His sister Kyi is giving him company and is quit naughty. 

The story of Lisa Surya was written by Junu our Vet. Technician. You can read it here:

We also opened a new group that is called “Love and Prayers for Animals” where you can ask for prayers for your animals.

If you need help with a street dog please call: 9841075383 or 9808594356

Dogs admitted to our dog centre:

Our 31 new dog cases in January. We are treating them directly on the road. And 49 follow up cases that we needed to check several times.

January 2019 Update

Dogs admitted to our dog centre:

Our 35 new dog cases in January. We are treating them directly on the road.

Our follow up dog cases in January. We went out 36 times to check on severe cases. Some dogs needs check-ups and treatments several times, before they fully recover. We are glad that some of them are doing better.

Dogs ready for adoption, staying at our dog centre in Changu or at our office in Boudha.

Some of our successful dog stories!