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Street Dog Care’s aim is to help as many suffering animals as we can. Visitors will be most welcome to join one of our Saturday camps or visit our Office in Boudhanath or the Dog Centre near Thali. 

Our visiting days are Friday! Please make an appointment at:

You can also call us at 9841075383 or send a Whatsapp message at 9808594356

During the past few months, we have been delighted to welcome some groups and other friends to the new Street Dog Care Centre. During their visits they met our dogs, and also donated items, such as dog food, rice, betadine, shampoo, creams and frontline for the sick dogs.

The group from France is called ST Nepal and they are working as dedicated firemen in their hometown. Every year they want to help our dogs.

Shelly adopted Dawa and brought medication from her Vet. clinic like shampoo and creams.

Tanja and Mike who have adopted Gyalwa in the past, brought donations from their friends Lidia and Giuseppe.

Other friends from Singapore are Lisa, El and Ron. They brought puppy food and antibiotic powder for our dogs.

All this is very very helpful to us! Thanks so much to all the dedicated people from all over the world who kindly have helped our dogs in Nepal. We are very grateful to you all for your continues support!!!