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About Us

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Let us work together to give all beings a better life.


To bring about a time where there are no more suffering street dogs in Nepal.


Street Dog Care aims to improve the health and living conditions of street dogs in Nepal, creating a healthier environment for all sentient beings.

Over 25 000 stray dogs wander the streets of the Kathmandu valley. Most of these dogs live in a miserable state, suffering from disease, malnourishment and ill treatment.

Street Dog Care was established in February 2009 at the Boudha Stupa. Every Saturday the SDC team, consisting of two local veterinarians and volunteers, treats street dogs for skin diseases, infections and injuries. Every dog is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies. Dogs in serious condition are treated at a veterinary clinic and cared for during the week. In very critical conditions they are brought to the Dog Centre until they are fit to go back to the street or to be adopted.

Since the Health Camps are held in public area, they have an important role in building community awareness and support. People are encouraged to bring sick and injured street dogs from their neighbourhoods for free treatment.

Regular yearly rabies camps are performed.

In 2011 we vaccinated 200 dogs against rabies,

in 2012 we vaccinated 500 dogs against rabies,

in 2013 we vaccinated 800 dogs against rabies,

in 2014 we vaccinated 900 dogs against rabies,

in 2015 we vaccinated 808 dogs against rabies, (this was the earthquake year)

in 2016 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies,

in 2017 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies,

in 2018 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

in 2019 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

in 2020 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

in 2021 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

in 2022 we vaccinated 1000 dogs against rabies.

In order to care for dogs that are in need of long term treatment, Street Dog Care has set up a permanent Dog Care Centre. The main function of the SDC Centre is to provide care for old, blind and disabled dogs.

Dogs with minor problems, like skin problems, wounds, maggot cases are treated directly on the streets by our Vet. Technicians.