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SDC Work

Street Dog Care works to provide:

Every dog passing through our programme is de-wormed and vaccinated against rabies and distemper/parvo (DHPPL).

Daily and intensive care is provided for emergency cases, for dogs suffering from severe mange, skin infections and injuries.

Collaborating with local Vet. clinics like the (Kathmandu Veterinary Clinic of Dr. Gautam and Dr. Ghimire where we perform operations like CTVT (canine transmissible venereal tumour), sterilizations and other surgeries needed.

Adopting a street dog means mutual joy and caring. Our team provides help and information on diet, training and healthcare. We have a long list of dogs living abroad and assist with information on how to send a dog to Europe or the US/Canada. In case you are interested join our facebook group Street Dog Care adopted dogs.

Collaborating with local communities aims to reduce pet abandonment, foster compassion for street dogs and share information about animal welfare. Our Saturday camp is a good meeting point for local people to see our work in action and to get involved, finding out that they can help in their own way. We have seen an increasing interest. Some Saturdays we have an amazing long line of local people, waiting with their street dogs to be treated. During the annual rabies camp we hand out about 2.500 flyers with information about the disease.

For dogs who are in a terminal condition, we offer a comforting place to spend their last days and peaceful burials near Monasteries, the local forest and Stupas.

Videos of dogs & volunteers at our shelter: