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Buy a dog?

Dog breeders and the sad reality behind the scenes! Where the cute puppies in the shops are coming from? We’ll tell you here:

In Kathmandu you can buy dogs in a pet shop or directly on the road from pet sellers. Most of them are mixed breeds and sold as pure breeds. They probably haven’t had the best treatment while being in the breed places. Not only their mum, who needs to continuously give birth behind closed doors and can never see her puppies growing up, but also the puppies suffer, because they are separated too early from their mums.

If you buy animals from breeders or pet stores instead of adopting one from an animal shelter, you deny a needy animal a chance of a good home. This is very sad, knowing that Kathmandu is full of needy street dogs that are longing for a home.

Please think about it and rather adopt and don’t shop! Before you buy a pet please go visit your local animal shelter and see if you can help a shelter dog finding a loving home. Or maybe the street dog is just outside your door and likes to come in and be your pet. He will be the happiest dog on earth.

What will happen if you do this? You will at least earn 5 things:

1. Make a street dog happy
2. Avoid suffering for the mum that has to give birth to puppies continuously
3. Avoid suffering for the puppy that is very early separated from its mum
4. You will not help to breed more dogs
5. The dog seller will sooner or later need to close his business if he can’t sell dogs, and the suffering for the breed mums ends

Thank you for reading all the way through and for considering this, when wanting to have a pet in your family. If you like to know which dogs are available for adoption with us, please connect here:

At our shelter adoptions are free. You will also get one year of free veterinary care when you adopt a dog from us.

the sad breeders place: