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Adopt Abroad

Information – dogs flying abroad

How to travel with a street dog to your home country:

The best way to travel for your dog is either with you during your flight or by cargo. You will have to check with the airline the requirements, weight and size. Each airline has different rules. In case he is very small and fit the size/weight requirements of the airline, the dog could travel in the cabin with you, if nit he has to stay in the cargo area.

For USA and Canada:

No blood test is required, but a rabies vaccination is a must. He also needs a microchip for his travel abroad.

The local Vet. will assist you with the additional paperwork. The dog needs a pet passport, health certificate and fit to fly certificate for his travel. 

For Europe, Switzerland:

The dog needs a microchip and has to be vaccinated against rabies. In addition he has to pass a blood test prior to his travel. 

The Nepalese Vet. can assist you with the paperwork and the laboratory abroad will check if your dog passes the blood test (a rabies titer of 0.5 is required).

There are a few laboratories in Europe authorized in testing the blood of your dogs. The blood serum needs to be send to the lab a fast courier service. You will have to pay the lab approximately 40/50 Euro for the blood test. Once you get a positive test result (titer higher than 0.5), your dog will have to wait for 3 month and can than travel with you to Europe or Switzerland. 

The date of the extraction of the blood serum counts!

For example:

The Vet. extract the blood on January 1st and the blood test is positive with a titer higher than 0.5 – your dog can travel starting from April 1st. So the waiting time is 3 month.

What you need for the travel of your dog:

  • a special travel box
  • waterbottle and food bowl
  • locks for the kennel
  • a sleeping mat for inside the kennel

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