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It is important to us that 100% of the funds from your donations reach their destination and benefit the street dogs without any administration costs being deducted.

Street Dog Care is based 100% on donations and would not be possible without kind donors such as you.

You may offer a one time donation or consider setting up monthly contributions.

Below are listed the amounts needed for specific services, but any amount is greatly appreciated by all the dogs!

Sponsor rabies vaccination for 10 street dogs

Nrs. 1.000; Euro: 10; $15 USD

Sponsor emergency treatment for an injured dog

Nrs. 1.500-3.000; Euro: 15-30; $20-40 USD

Sponsor a Saturday Camp

Nrs. 3.000; Euro: 30; $40 USD

Sponsor the saturday camp´s for 1 month

Nrs. 12000; Euro: 120; $150 USD

Sponsor treatment for 20 mange dogs

Nrs. 6.000; Euro: 60; $80 USD

Sponsor food for 10 dogs for 2 month at our dog center

Nrs. 12.000; Euro: 120; $150 USD

Sponsor a dog in a kennel for 1 year

Nrs. 30.000; Euro: 300; $300 USD

With love and compassion, thank you.

See here a few of our kennel Sponsors.verena

Ana and Tommy

Ana Casperi also decided to sponsor a kennel with us. Her kennel is nr. 8. Her dogs in the past month were Maxim (she suffered from a skin burn), Puppy girl (suffered from a tumor and needed surgery) and Koko (suffered skin problems). Her current dog is Tommy, who is a female dog with a CTV tumor. She is currently under treatment at Dr. Gautam’s clinic in Maharajganj.

jan and Kunsang

Jan Veer is the sponsor of kennel nr. 13. He had seen dogs passing through his kennel, like
”Vote” who had a terrible burn wound and later was adopted or “Chubulee” girl, who had a terrible tumor and needed surgery. His current dog is Kunsang. You can see him in the photo. Kunsang was brought to us during a Saturday camp. He was in a terrible condition with open bleeding wounds. He also had a tumor and needed surgery. He is now on his way out of the suffering and his fur is growing back. He is getting stronger each day and Jan receives regular his updates, being very happy about his well being.