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Why, don’t shop?

Don’t confuse them with street dogs. 

typical breed dog sold in the streets of Kathmandu

People selling these dogs to make business with dogs, and usually they use one female dog to get pregnant many times and sell the puppies again and again, separating them very early. The puppies being afraid not seeing their mum again and the mum worried for her puppies. Puppies are not being fed properly with their mothers milk and are not spending enough time with the mother.

The mothers get very depressed and go through a lot of hardships during the pregnancy and giving birth. They also endure many abuses and probably are not even given proper food.

We would like to invite you all to be more aware of this sad fact.

Let’s try NOT to be part of this business, after all we are all sentient beings and we have feelings.

So please adopt one of the many street dogs that need a home and don’t buy a dog. Street dogs suffer so much and really need a home, food, love and care! Please adopt them and stop the breeders.