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Newsletter spring 2015 

    Thank you, dear supporters for having been with us during these difficult times!  Thank you for sending us so many sweet messages, helping with financial and moral support. We are very grateful to have you all out there! A special thanks goes to our Aussie group for putting tremendous effort in the reconstruction of our center.
    Hoping you all received and read our special earthquake report, here is our Spring 2015 Newsletter at last. Sorry for the delay! We hope you enjoy reading it. 
    In this edition:
    1. Volunteer Anna Lisa's experience with SDC
    2. The new Advisory group of SDC: introducing Nir Thapa Magar
    3. Introducing our kennel sponsors

    4. Dog stories (My Kyi, Lucky, Mero, Nika, volunteer Sean)
    5. Who left us
    6. Dogs that were adopted - International
    7. Dogs that need a new home - Bulla 

1. Volunteer Anna Lisa's experience with SDC:

As a vet student not too many possibilities open up to get a rest from studies. But when I had the chance to take a break last fall, I was lucky enough to stumble across a small ad in a veterinary magazine. SDC were looking for volunteers to help with the work at their center in Kathmandu. Coincidentally I had been planning a trip to Nepal for a while now and this proved to be a neat way to finally do it.
During that time Andrea, founder and administrator of SDC, was staying in Berlin and since I did too, we met up for a talk to discuss my volunteering. To have had first hand information about the project and the things to expect there really made me look forward to  spending time at SDC.
I volunteered for about five weeks and it was a really great time for me. The staff was an instant help and always great fun to hang out with. It was awesome to meet so many people who made all this effort to help the dogs. Within the first few days I already felt like a complete member of the team, mostly because everyone and especially Jasmine were looking after me the whole time and made me feel welcome from the start! And though the work was challenging at times, I got to learn a lot and to see the dogs getting better is a real reward.
To volunteer at SDC was a great time and a special experience. Everybody gave their best, which automatically kept me motivated the whole time.
I'd love to come back for another stay, maybe as a more experienced college graduate then. And to everyone, who is thinking about volunteering at SDC as well, I can say:
Give it a shot! You will meet great people and truly be a help to the dogs of Kathmandu!

                                          volunteer Anna Lisa at Street Dog Care

 Please spread the word:
 Street Dog Care is looking for more volunteers!!! 

If you are interested, please e-mail us at:


2. The new Advisory group of SDC: introducing: Nir Thapa Magar

I was introduced to Nir by two friends from Germany (Ulli and Sabine from Berlin), with whom I was travelling through India and Nepal. We reached Kathmandu together and initially I wanted to stay for only 3 weeks. As my friends were worried to leave me alone in Nepal, they introduced me to their long-term friend Nir. They knew I would be in good hands, as he is a very kind man and in addition has an excellent restaurant and bakery in Boudha, which is called Nir’s Toast Bakery café’. We instantly became friends and I would go each day to enjoy my meals at his place. After a while we had this idea to feed the dogs at the stupa, as they looked all so hungry and sick. Nir owned the perfect place, a restaurant where we could just make lots of food for them. We started to distribute food during the nights. Nir would prepare a big red bucket for it, as you can see on the photos. On full moon nights we would offer it on little silver paper plates to them.
Two friends from Germany visited me during that time, Janine and Arnd and decided to give me 50 Euro for the food for the dogs. I was very happy abou the donation, but somehow I felt this was too much for food and we might be able to do something bigger with it. We already were spending money for the food anyhow. An idea popped up to make a health camp for the dogs to treat them and help them with their skin problems and vaccinate them. I had already tried washing one dog (Strubel) and had experienced that this was to difficult to handle by myself.
After researching how to do this and talking with the community in Boudha we managed to set this up. Nir was there to help, giving his table from the restaurant and helping with many kind words and affection for the dogs. 

Toast Bakery café and feeding the dogs in 2008.

He came to assist during our first camp in Boudha and helped washing the dogs. I was very happy to have him on my side. The community knew him well as he was a restaurant owner in Boudha and we quickly earned good trust by the success of the event.
During the first Saturday camp on February 7th in 2009 we washed about 15 dogs and checked up on all the dogs around the Stupa of Boudhanath. Many needed long term care at that time. It was clear soon enough, that one camp would not be enough. Somehow a monk showed up during the set up of the camp and told me, that I would need a donation box. A nice Mexican helper volunteered to make one out of a paper box. As soon as the box was ready the monk took it and ran around in the crowd of people collecting donations. It was impressive, when he handed me over the box full of notes at the end of the camp. Nir and I counted it. It was exactly 50 Euro/5000 rs. The same amount we had just paid for this first camp in vet fees and medicine. I had no choice and told Nir, this is the money of the dogs…I guess we have to come back and do this again next Saturday. He was just smiling and confirming, that this might be the way to go….

Since that day in February 2009 we never stopped doing the Saturday camp in Boudha and Street Dog Care was slowly established in the community. Initially we would keep all our stuff at Nir’s restaurant. Each Saturday we would sneak out a table from his restaurant and go in the square to treat the dogs. Some curious people started to appear and help. Tourist, students and teachers from the Rangjung Yeshe Institute in Boudha like Marie Bertaina, Tsering Wangchuk, Franziska Oertle, Horst Koch were the first volunteers. Our first Vet. volunteers were Dr. Susmita Gautam and Suraj Dhakal. Susmita is daughter of our long term Vet. Dr. Gautam, his clinic is in Maharajganj. Dr. Gautam and Dr. Ghimire are long term helpers and Veterinarians for SDC. Many dogs passed through their helping hands, were operated and saved. 
Anyhow back to Nir's story:
Nir was getting on with his routine at the restaurant and smiling at me as I was not leaving Boudhanath as planned. I wonder if he had planned this with the dogs of Boudha? I specially doubt about Strubel the first dog I was washing and helping. He is my secret founder of Street Dog Care…You can see him in the photos below. 7 years have passed now and he is still at the Stupa of Boudhanath, shaking paw with each friend of SDC.
Nir later was involved with registering our NGO in Nepal and is now a firm member of our Avisory group of SDC. I am very glad to have met him and that he is part of our group, helping the Boudha dogs.

The Advisory group will collaborate with Executive Director Andrea Bringmann in helping to make important decisions for Street Dog Care. Its members are: Dr. Katharina Dworschak (Germany); Nicole Beasley (Australia); Nir Thapa Maga (Nepal); Monica Grothus (Germany); Andreas Grothus (Germany). 
All members have now been introduced. To read their stories, connect to our past newsletters on our website.

3.introducing our kennel sponsors

In the coming editions of the newsletter we will introduce our kennel sponsors of SDC. These are kind people around the world, who decided to sponsor a kennel for one year. When you sponsor a kennel you are assigned a kennel number and a dog. Usually we send updates about this particular dog and once the dog is well enough to leave for the road or is adopted, the sponsor will get a new dog to recover in their kennel. This way people know what is going on in their kennel and how the dog is improving or what is happening to him. Some times we bring very good news and sometimes sad news.
In this edition we like to introduce two of our sponsors, Jan Veer from the Netherlands and Ana Cristina Caspari from Brasil. 

Jan Veer is the sponsor of kennel nr. 13. He had seen dogs passing through his kennel, like
”Vote” who had a terrible burn wound and later was adopted or “Chubulee” girl, who had a terrible tumor and needed surgery. His current dog is Kunsang. You can see him in the photo. Kunsang was brought to us during a Saturday camp. He was in a terrible condition with open bleeding wounds. He also had a tumor and needed surgery. He is now on his way out of the suffering and his fur is growing back. He is getting stronger each day and Jan receives regular his updates, being very happy about his well being.

Ana Casperi also decided to sponsor a kennel with us. Her kennel is nr. 8. Her dogs in the past month were Maxim (she suffered from a skin burn), Puppy girl (suffered from a tumor and needed surgery) and Koko (suffered skin problems). Her current dog is Tommy, who is a female dog with a CTV tumor. She is currently under treatment at Dr. Gautam’s clinic in Maharajganj.

So very happy to meet little Tommy... A very courageous dog who just had surgery to remove a big tumor today. So sweet.. heart emoticon thank you Andrea Bringmann, Jasmine Broecking and all folks from Street Dog Care in Kathmandu, your work is just awesome!!!!

4. Dog Stories (My Kyi, Nika, Lucky and Mero)

We have so many amazing dog stories we would like to share, but we have had to choose a few. Below are our favorites and also a video of one of our volunteers who helped during the past month at S.D.C.
Follow our Facebook page to get our new stories every day! This time we introduce you to Nika, Lucky and Mero. We also have the follow up of the adoption story of Micky (My Kyi) and Francois. They met at the Stupa of Boudhanath and it was love at first sight. For several months Francois contacted me and wanted to have news about his Micky girl. We spayed her and kept an eye on her while she was living on the roads of Boudha. Later he convinced his wife and 4 other doggies to get a new sister.

Thank you also to Jasmine our Program Manager for arranging all the paperwork and making it possible to bring her to the airport.

Here a nice video of how Micky became My Kyi. This video was made by her savior Francois...

Our emergency cases:

 was an emergency case. She was brought in by two women to our centre. She is a female dog and gave birth to two dead puppies.  When they arrived this was the third day after the dead puppies had been born. Nika was in a terrible pain and suffering tremendously. She still had unborn puppies inside. We had to call for an emergency surgery to save her. During the surgery more dead puppies were removed and she was spayed. She needed one month to recover from this painful and life threatening event. The happy end story is, that the lady who brought her in could see her alive and picked her up. We are sure a lifelong bond has been made between them.

Lucky was found with a horrible ear infection. Later we found out, that an elastic string had been put around his ear and was cutting into the skin. We had to do an emergency surgery to save his ear. He is now back on the road with his best friends. One of our volunteers went to visit him lately, to see if he was happy. He was and said nicely hello to her.

Mero was found in Thamel. Actually he met Jasmine our Program Manager on the road while she was doing some shopping for SDC. He decided to follow her, probably knowing she was working at a dog hospital. When she reached the taxi to go back to Boudha, Mero just jumped in with her and off they were to the clinic. He suffered from skin problems and really needed to rest. He adapted very well in the Quarantine area and became also friend with Tara our guard dog on the roof top.
Later he was so lucky to find a wonderful home on a horse farm. This is were a big beautiful dog like him belongs. Did Mero know this all along?Volunteer Sean from the UK helped out for several weeks at our centre. Thank you Sean for your compassion with our doggies.

You can see a video of him and Courage.

5. Who left us...

The first months of the New Year have been very hard for SDC. We lost many good friends and as it turned out, we had a virus at the centre, which affected many of our good friends. Unfortunately these things take time to find out. In the beginning we did not know the cause of the death and were assuming distemper. We treated the dogs for the wrong thing. Later with expensive tests on one dog we found out, that some of them were suffering from E-canis and some of Toxoplasmosis. Dr. Pranav made many test and confirmed it on the dog Mitro. We started treating all the dogs at the shelter with Doxycycline antibiotics as a prevention. We also disinfected the whole centre. You might have tried to call us to bring in dog, but we had to refuse to let any new dog in during this time, to keep new dogs safe and get this under control. We hope you understand this. To keep a shelter free from germs and have also special areas of quarantine is almost impossible in the place we are located. We tried our best to get it under control, disinfecting the whole area by burning the ground.
See photo:

We like to remember here our best friends, that we lost during this time. Lilly did not die from toxoplasmosis, but was run over by a motorbike.
Our little and always happy mascot Krishna left us on 15. January 2015. He probably suffered from E-canis.          
                Lilly, Honey, Lute and Mitro

Sweet Lilly passed away. She was probably hit by a motorcycle. We suspect this due to the behavior of the dogs outside the Center. For several days after Lilly’s death they were chasing motorbikes away from our front gate. On the night that sweet Lilly passed, the dogs outside the center refused to eat. This was heart breaking to see but is typical of the strong sense of family and community that our street dogs have. Some old dog friends of SDC Rinchen and Julie have been living close to the shelter  but had stopped visiting us. They have since returned and now choose to sleep inside the  first gate of our center where they are safe .
Lilly (24.2.2015), Honey (12.1.2015), Lute (13.2.2015) and Mitro (4.3.2015) followed shortly after. All this happened during the month of January and March 2015. Mitro was our last lost on March 4, 2015.

All our dogs were buried in our cemetery in a peaceful jungle. 

6. Dogs that found a new home
Sani Dhunkar found a new home. Wiebke our former volunteer adopted her and will bring her to Germany. Enjoy the video, where Wiebke is actually looking for a home for Sani  prior to deciding  to adopt Sani herself.

Dogs that will travel soon:
Here are  the lucky once, leaving during May for a new life. You can see how relaxed they are waiting for their flights to Europe. All dogs have passed their blood test and are now passing the three month waiting time until their flight. King Arthur will go to Hilke in Belgium. Findus and Khaire will be leaving for Switzerland. A former volunteer Marius decided to take his Khaire with him Maybe you remember the video of the past news letter, otherwise you can see it again under this link.

7. Dogs that need a new home - Bulla 

Bulla is a male dog and came to SDC about 2 years ago. Please watch the video to see a bit of his nature. He likes humans a lot and is very friendly and loving. He loves to play. With other dogs he needs some time, but later he can become a good friend. He is a special needs dog, as he is paralyzed on his back legs, but he is improving well doing his physiotherapy. Bulla really wishes to walk again on all 4 legs. He has a big will to do so and will put much effort in his training. He would need extra care and attention from you. You would have to buy him a wheelcart, so that he can go for a walk with you. Please let us know if you like to have more details about Bulla. Write us an e-mail at:

If you are interested in adopting a dog please contact us at:
There is still so much to share with you! Please see our Facebook page, to stay up to date with all our dog stories! And don't forget to visit our new Facebook group page, Street Dog Care Adopted Dogs, to see stories of adoptees, to ask questions and get advice for new international adoptions!
As always, the dogs thank you for your love and support! Street Dog Care would not exist if it weren't for our generous supporters. If you would like to make a donation, please visit


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