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    Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

    In this edition:
    1. News about Street Dog Care and changes
    2. How Street Dog Care is organized and who is involved

    3. Adoption of Beb and his new life in Switzerland
    4. The story of Kevin and dog Karma
    5. Christmas Gifts - How to support SDC, buy our bags and calendars 2017
    6. Dogs that need a new home - Dharma
    7. Andy got his wheel cart

1. News about Street Dog Care and changes

By the end of this year, we will have to move from our wonderful dog centre in Boudha, due to a big building project in our area. At this point we would like to thank the G-café-family, Vishnu and Tina Maskey, for their generosity over the past five years to let us stay on their ground for free. We are very grateful, that we had the opportunity to expand our activities and by that help many more dogs.

Now it will be time to move on and find a new place for our doggies. We are positive that we soon will find a new long term opportunity to rebuild a centre and pave the way for a great new start. Thanks to the kind and generous hearts of Rabin Lama and Pamela Dolma Lama we for now are able to temporarily rent a house in Boudhanath, which has space for 10 kennels and dogs.

We will update you about the moving process and what will happen in the next six months. If someone knows anybody who is leasing or selling land around Boudhanath, Changu or nearby, please get in touch with me through my email:

Because of these changes, we also need to find some more adoption places for a number of dogs. Dogs, that should not go back on the streets or simply cannot because of their conditions. We have already shared an album of the ones, that need to find a new loving home. If you can, please consider an adoption, if not please help us find a place by sharing the album and these news.

Despite the upcoming changes we will of course provide help to the dogs and arranged for the following activities:

- We rented space to install a temporary free clinic just opposite the dog centre, to give you the possibility to bring your street dogs to us. It will be different from before, but we will be at least able to help our friends. So far we had space for 40 dogs, and until we have a real new centre the maximum number that we can let stay with us is down to only 10. With the idea of this clinic we can continue to give the street dogs some temporary relief.

- We definitely will continue our Saturday Camp at the Boudha Stupa, which has proven to be a great way to help more dogs.

- We also continue to feed the dogs at the Boudha Stupa every day.

We are confident that we will be back soon with some great news about starting the project of building a new centre. Until then and beyond that we are very grateful for your continuous support and love for the street dogs.

painting by Lasha Mutual (

beautiful memories of our Centre. Thanks G-cafe', Tina and Vishnu, for being so kind and letting us use your land free of charge for the past five years.

2. How Street Dog Care is organized and who is involved

Many of you might have wondered how things have been managed since Andrea returned back to Germany. Being responsible and always putting the well-being of the doggies in the first place, Andrea has built a good team of helpers around her. Andrea is currently working for SDC from Europe, which means, she coordinates and organises everything through almost daily skype conversations with her actual staff member, Sanu. Sanu, who is in charge of the local SDC team, carries out all the necessary daily tasks together with Kamala, Maya and Lakpa. 

More behind the scenes, but equally important, is the Advisory group, consisting of Dr. Katharina Dworschak, Monika and Andreas Grothus and Birgit Gerber. The advisory group meets once a month via skype with Andrea and discusses current issues concerning SDC. In addition Katharina is our volunteer coordinator and assures that all volunteers go through the SDC-process for volunteering. Birgit is helping with editing the newsletter and other public information of SDC. Monika and Andreas help with accounting and tax issues. The entire group has also the role of consulting SDC, whenever necessary.

Andrea stays mainly in Europe for now, but spends twice a year time in Kathmandu to look after the organization on-site. The plan is that in the future also members of the advisory group check regularly upon SDC directly in Kathmandu.

Another important group of helpers are our volunteers, that join us from all over the world. Volunteers are helping us usually with daily tasks like feeding the dogs, cleaning up, helping with the Saturday camp and adding more hugs and cuddles to the doggies. If you are interested in volunteering for SDC, please apply directly with Dr. Katharina Dworschak at: 

Last but not least, the ones who lay the ground of sustaining SDC, are all of our generous sponsors! So our heartfelt gratitude goes out to you!


3. Adoption of Beb and his life in Switzerland

I was born in the streets of Kathmandu along with three sisters and brothers. I quickly realized that life on the streets is nothing for me...I became ill and lost all my fur. Luckily I was found by some lovely people who brought me to the Street Dog Care Centre. I was taken very good care of at the Centre, the people were very kind to me and the other dogs at the Centre became my friends. When I was strong enough, they brought me back to the streets where I was born, (and where my sisters lived (unfortunately my brother didn't make it.) But again I realized that I wasn't going to be able to survive on the streets. I got sick again and lost all of my fur a second time. Luckily I remembered the way to the Centre, so I went back, waited in front of the entrance, hoping they will take me back in. Luckily they did! They took good care of me and I got well again. This time I was allowed to stay in the Centre! I was sooo happy! After a few years in the Centre and seeing how other dogs were adopted, I finally got adopted myself! I didn't know where my journey was heading to, but I was open-minded and looking forward. Little did I know that my forever loving home was going to be in Switzerland with two loving people. Now I'm enjoying my life with Jonas and Patrizia, who are taking good care of me. And the best thing is: My best friend Khaire (also from Street Dog Care Centre) lives in Switzerland as well and we get to see, walk and play with each other!

written by Beb and Patrizia Dualer

4. The story of Kevin and dog Karma

November 7, 2014 was a day that changed my life. One of the saddest and worst days of my life, my best friend Buddy my golden retriever died of lung cancer. It was terrible. My heart was truly broken.
The following year my brother a Sakya Tulku bought me a puppy for my birthday. I wasn’t ready. I turned her down. My heart wasn’t ready.
I had been helping with sterilization camps and food needs for Help Animals India and through them I found Street Dog Care.  Around the 10th of April of this year SDC's volunteer Marie found a puppy abandoned by its mother perhaps at birth at Boudnath Stupa in the construction rubble. Marie is also a fellow Canadian. She convinced Street Dog Care to bring in this puppy to save its life. The puppy was in horrible condition. 

The day they brought her in I immediately decided to be her sponsor. They called her Pema.  I got updates from Marie and Andrea on her health and she quickly got healthier and started to grow back her hair.
Around June I inquired as to what would happen to Pema when she got better. Andrea told me that they would have to find a permanent home for her or put her back on the street as she was on the road to recovery and only the worst in shape dogs could stay at the centre.
There is a saying that says your dog finds you. People kept telling me that.  Now I realize it’s true. I fell in love with Pema and decided to bring her to Canada. I also decided to call her Karma. I think the centre called her Pema Karma.

At the end of August, she took the 30-hour journey from Kathmandu through Hong Kong and arrived in Toronto. It was a really rough trip on her, but this kind little dog perhaps knowing she was on her way to a better quality life made it. 
She was scared, skittish, skinny and bewildered. I took her out of the crate, washed her off and held her so tight. There have been so many firsts for her. Walking on grass the first time, eating freely when she wanted to, cookies falling from the skies from dog walkers at leash free, running free in fields with no one but her and I. Oh yeah and her first snow fall.
She’s a scared little girl still but getting better. Her fight or flight sense is strong and hard to break. But with a lot of love and caring she is coming around. She is starting to understand she is now safe and I am here to protect her no matter what.
I now say she has gone from Dust to Duvets. My little princess named Karma is loving her new found life and at the same time has mended my broken heart. I tell her about Buddy and she looks at me like she gets it. We found each other 12000 km apart. This is the kind of stuff that makes life better. Thank you Marie. Thank you Andrea. Thank you all the people at Street Dog Care that took care of my Karma. She is thankful to all of you. I know it.                                                                                                               
written by Kevin Fitzsimons

5. Christmas Gifts - How to support SDC, buy our bags and calendars 2017

Our new 2017 calendars are ready for sale too, please contact me directly at:

Our new handcrafted SDC bags have arrived in Germany! If you would like to help the street dogs in Kathmandu, you could think about making a cute gift to a friend and help with a contribution of 25 Euros (plus shipping 3.5 Euro-all over the world).

our bags went to Finland - Thank you Kirsti and dog Sulo for supporting SDC 

6. Dogs that need a new home - Dharma

Our pretty girl Dharma is looking for a loving home. When she came to us, she suffered from distemper and barely survived it...she is still a bit shaky on her legs, but whoever meets her, Dharma will immediately melt his or her heart.

Her recovery took a long time, but she regained strength and would even be able to fly to a home abroad.

Right now she stays with us until she hopefully finds a loving forever home.

If you have space for her, could you please think about adopting her?

Please spread the word. We have more dogs that are looking for a home and it would be nice to help them find a permanent place.

Here is an album of our current dogs looking for homes:

7. Andy got his wheel cart

Andy, who came to us after an accident that left his back legs paralysed, just received his wheel cart! Thank you so much, dear friends of the 3-D-Restaurant in Boudha, for helping to bring the cart all the way from the USA to Kathmandu! We were able to buy the wheel cart through many different sponsors, and Andy’s life has changed dramatically for the better and he enjoys being able to run around again! We are so happy for him and thank all the ones who made this possible!

Andy would be thrilled to find a loving home! He might need a tiny little bit of extra care, but it all pays off with the great love he gives you back. Ground floor would be very important for him, since stairs are an obstacle. So if you have that kind of facility, that would allow Andy to live a normal and happy family-dog-life, please contact me:

There is still so much to share with you! Please see our Facebook page, to stay up to date with all our dog stories! And don't forget to visit our new Facebook group page, Street Dog Care Adopted Dogs, to see stories of adoptees, to ask questions and get advice for new international adoptions!
As always, the dogs thank you for your love and support! Street Dog Care would not exist if it weren't for our generous supporters. If you would like to make a donation, please visit
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