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    Thank you, dear supporters, volunteers and SDC friends! Enjoy our Newsletter Autumn 2016!  

    In this edition:

    1. Kukur Tihar 2016

    2. Goodbye to our dog founder Mr. Strubel and sweet memories

    3. How to support SDC - buy our bags and calendar 2016

    4. Introducing our Kennel Sponsor Kacey Orlando

    5. Dog stories, dog Sures adoption, and dog Tsering

    6. Dogs that need a new home 

    7. Who left us: Sadly we had to say goodbye to many good friends

1. Kukur Tihar

On October 29th we celebrated Kukur Tihar.

Tihar is a five-day-long Hindu festival celebrated in Nepal, which comes soon after Dashain. It is the festival of lights, and people celebrate it by worshipping the Hindu goddess Laxmi for five days. It is considered to be of great importance, as it shows reverence to not just the humans and the gods, but also to the animals like crows, cows and dogs who maintain an intense relationship with humans. People make patterns on the floor of living rooms or courtyards using materials such as colored rice, dry flour, coloured sand or flower petals outside of their house, called Rangoli. This is meant to be a sacred and a welcoming area for the Gods and Goddesses.
In our centre and around the Stupa we offer flower garlands, tika, and food and milk to the dogs. We all like to celebrate this special day for the dogs and we wish that each day of the life of a street dog would be like this.

Follow this link to see our photo album of Kukur Tihar:

Our best friends are first adorned with a garland of flowers, called mala, proof of respect and dignity. The red tika, is then applied to the front of the dog expressing their sanctity and also as a sign of blessing.

Happy Tihar to everyone!

The Laxmi Puja is celebrated as a central event of Tihar. Laxmi Puja falls on the New Moon day of this lunar month, which determines the date in both the Gregorian calendar and the Bikram Samvat, Nepal’s national calendar. Offerings are made to the image of Laxmi. She is the consort of Vishnu, but more especially, the Goddess of Wealth. Houses are swept clean to welcome the goddess, then decorated and lit with oil lamps in the evening. It is the lamp lighting that gives this festival its most common name. It is traditional to leave the house door open for some time in the evening, with a lamp at the entrance, to welcome the goddess.
Some families also stencil tiny white foot prints to show Laxmi the route from the front door to the family’s puja room, and to the “dhukuti”, where the family’s valuables and money are stored.

2. Goodbye to our dog founder Mr. Strubel and sweet memories

Street Dog Care's started in 2009.

Remembering our founder and sweet heart dog Strubel and the start of Street Dog Care in 2009. 

Ushnisha making a special donation to for Strubel. 

Strubel at Boudha Stupa 

3. How to support Street Dog Care: 

Our new 2017 calendars are ready for sale too, please contact me directly at:

Our new handcrafted SDC bags have arrived in Germany! If you would like to help the street dogs in Kathmandu, we will present this very cute gift to you for a contribution of 25 Euros (plus shipping 3.5 Euro-all over the world). Please e-mail me at

our bags went to Finland - Thank you Kirsti and dog Sulo for supporting SDC 

our hemp bags went to Africa - you can order them in tablet or laptop size at

4. Introducing our Kennel Sponsors, the story of Kacey Orlando:

In the coming editions of the newsletter we will introduce our kennel sponsors. These are kind people around the world, who have decided to sponsor a kennel at SDC centre. When you sponsor a kennel you are assigned a kennel number and a dog.

Usually we send updates about this particular dog and once the dog is well enough to leave for the road, or is adopted. The sponsor will get a new dog, which can recover in his kennel.

This way people know what is going on in their kennel and how the dog is improving or what is happening to him. Sometimes we bring very good news and sometimes sad news. We also have a few resident dogs for sponsorship.
In this edition we would like to introduce Kacey Orlando from Seattle, who is sponsoring our blind resident dog "Rate" Here is a story written by her and why she decided to do so:
I've always been an animal lover and there has never been a time in my life where I didn't share my home with dogs or bunnies.

I visited Nepal for the first time in 2014 and was unprepared for the number of suffering dogs roaming the streets. My heart broke to see so many dogs in need. I immediately began to research for ways to help and I found Street Dog Care. 

I admired Andrea's and the organization's commitment to improving the health and quality of life for dogs in Nepal. As someone who works in education, I was also impressed with their camps and their role in raising awareness, building community, and providing education on the importance of caring for dogs. And they do this all while being respectful of and honoring the local customs and culture.

I currently have two rescue dogs myself and I know that rescue organizations need continued support in order to help those who have no voice. It was important for me to sponsor a kennel to provide for the on-going care of a dog in need of long-term care. I am honored to support Street Dog Care in their mission and share in their dream of an end to suffering for all dogs - in Nepal and beyond.


A picture of me and Briar - he was rescued from streets here in Washington State after his original owner abandoned him and his litter maters. He and his brother (who was adopted by another family) were the only two that survived.

Kacey and her blind sponsor dog from Street Dog Care, his name is Rate

5. Dog Stories (dog Sure, dog Beb and dog Tsering) 

Dog Sure found a new home! Barb and her decision to adopt Sure.
I found Sure in a cold night of January 2016 by the big bell in Boudhanath. I was getting out of a temple after meditating when I heard a pup screaming and a guy kicking her... after telling him off (and some nasty Spanish words), I took her in my arms, the poor thing was shivering and couldn't walk with her front legs. Just two days before I saw SDC taking care of doggies under a huge umbrella and I took a card from them, so after calming her down, a really nice street vendor helped me call the center, and while waiting for SDC staff to come meet me, I bought a scarf to wrap her with and sat down by the bell. I had goose bumps when I saw many dogs just coming to check her out and sat on my sides as they were warming us up (including the great bell guard dog: Strubel). When SDC staff arrived they checked her out and told me that the center was currently full and asked me if I could keep her for a couple of days, so we checked with my hostel and not only they said yes, they offered me a blanket for her. First thing in the morning next day I took her to the vet and they checked for parvo and other diseases and she was negative on all tests, they dewormed her too and told me she probably couldn't walk due to a lack of calcium, so they told me what to get and so I did. We spent 5 days together, always in my jacket, and doing rehab for her legs in my hostel's patio, and during the night she'd cuddle with me in bed with her nose on my neck. Days went by and I had to leave for Pohkara so I left her at SDC, and 2 weeks later I came back and the first thing I did was to go and check on her (I also called the center while I was away to check on her) and when I saw her running and jumping I cried a bit. I had to go back to Madrid and I couldn't take her with me, so we had to say goodbye, but I promised her I would find her a forever home, and left some money to take care of her vaccines. Once in Madrid I even started a facebook page (El despertar de Sure) to try to find someone that could adopt her, unfortunately and even though a friend of mine was going to adopt her in Spain, new EU regulations started and the center couldn't send her there, and I cried my eyes out thinking I couldn't keep my word. Then, in May I got a job as a teacher in the US (Missoula, MT), and I really didn't even think it twice, I contacted SDC again and started all the adoption process. I got to the US on July 24th, and after many ups and downs with the cargo company and calling many numbers we finally were able to put her on a plane on August 9th, and I drove all the way to Seattle to pick her up on August 10th, where I met great people and Jody, who took us in for the night! She's been 3 months with me now, and so far she's been in 2 states, 2 national parks, 3 lakes and a river! She loves meeting new doggies, new humans and little kiddos! We are now taking puppy classes and she still sleeps with her nose on my neck..
written by Barb Vicetto

Please spread the word. We have more dogs that are looking for a home and it would be nice to help them find a permanent place.

Here is an album of our current dogs looking for homes:

We have so many amazing dog stories we would like to share, but we have had to choose a few. Below are our favourites. Follow our Facebook page to get our new stories every day! 

Dog story Tsering:

Tsering had a difficult surgery, but sadly his leg was too broken to safe it. Thanks everyone for helping with his wonderful recovery and happy new life Tsering. Thanks so much to Shenpen for sponsoring his treatment. Tsering is already smiling and looking for a loving home somewhere in or outside the Kathmandu valley. Call us at 9841075383.

6. Dogs that need a new home -Billy

Our pretty boy Billy is looking for a loving home. When he came to us, he had no fur. His recovery took a long time and he gained strength and character inside the centre. Now he stays with us until he finds a loving place to live permanently. We don’t want him to end up in the same miserable state as before. Now he is so pretty! Billy would be a good match for a guard dog in your home.
If you have space for him could you please think about adopting him? 

Link for more dogs that need a home here:

7. Who left us: Sadly we lost our sweet Aryia

We lost our sweet the arms of Sanu peaceful and loved. Sometimes that's all we can do, give love at the last moments of life and make the transfer easy for our sweet hearts...
Please pray for her  We'll miss you Aryia!  

We also pray for all our other sweet doggies that passed away in the past month!

There is still so much to share with you! Please see our Facebook page, to stay up to date with all our dog stories! And don't forget to visit our new Facebook group page, Street Dog Care Adopted Dogs, to see stories of adoptees, to ask questions and get advice for new international adoptions!
As always, the dogs thank you for your love and support! Street Dog Care would not exist if it weren't for our generous supporters. If you would like to make a donation, please visit
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