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airport (4)

Time to say good bye     to our street dog care family

airport (5)

At the airport – looking forward for our new home and family

airport (2)

Finally safe arrived in the arms of my new family 🙂 what a journey


who already traveled to a new home:

Arthur (2)

Arthur was adopted by Hilke in May 2015. Hilke and her husband came to visit him during the time of the earthquake. What a meeting for all of them and luckely nothing happend when the 7.9 earthquake hit. They even had to sleep in the centre, as they could not be safe in their hotel. Arthur (1)So glad they are now united and live together in Belgium. Their souls were just made to meet <3 Arthur must be one the happiest dogs around the world. He´s enjoying the green fields and the beach together with his new friend Louki.

Khaire (1)

Khaire was hit badly by a car and had a hard time till he completly recoverd at SDC. But it was his destiny to be in the center for a long while to meet Marius during his voluntary work. They get really good friends – watch out this movie – else could Marius do? They belong together so he adopted Khaire. In Mai he flew to Switzerland. It´s a happing end story. Thanks you Marius for giving Khaire a happy new life <3Khaire (2)

Findus1 (4)

My name is Findus and I´m living since Mai in Switzerland. I FOUND A HOME! THANK YOUUUUU Charlotte! I was hit by a car and my hint leg was broken. Fortunately I was brough to SDC and could recover there. I am a young grown up Teddy bear and was unable to integrale Fundus back on the road. A few months ago I couldn´t imagine but one of my best friends is a cat named Willow.

MyKyi (1)

My Kyi was a sweet dog girl living around the stupa in Boudha till she run into the arms of Francois. He desiced to adopt her and give her a perfect home. Now My Kyi lives together with four other dogs in France and grows up to a beautiful France lady dog. She is very curious, loves to see what´s happening outside, enjoying to run over the filds or through the forest. MyKyi (2)

Shanti Padme

My name is Shanti Padme. I am a very lucky dog girl becouse I have a new home in Canada. Thanks so much Shelley for helping me. I’m so happy to be part of your family now. Your little Shanti Padme

sani (3)

Wiebke falled in love with Sani Dhunkar during volunteering at the street dog center. Sani was a few times in the center because she lived at a garbage spot and had skin disease. She recoverd slowly and after she passed her blood test and all paperwork was done Sani could finaly fly to Wiebke in August.sani (1) From now on Sani and Wiebke are companions for life❤

Mila with Snowy

Snowy was adopted and lives since Summer in Belgium with lady Riet. She is the mum of Jacky, who is living in Switzerland. Snowy is a very calm and a kind dog. She lost her front leg as she fell from a roof and broke it badly, so we had to amputate it. Luckily she survived. Thank you Riet for a happy ending story and all your love and compassion during the work at SDC. It´s always a pleasure that you came to work with our streetdogs.11224528_10153388770159904_3191049818881036915_n


Summer 2014 Dolma falled in love with little dog girl Kali during her voluntary work at SDC. Doma said: „I’m glad and so very grateful that I have Kali to remind me of all the wonderful and life changing work that SDC does. So honoured that I was able to be apart of such a respectable and kind organisation. Kali is doing very well and I pray for many more healthy and happy years ahead of us! I am currently in the process of applying for a college in the UK if I do get in I will be returning to the UK this summer (leaving Kali behind) BUT! I will endeavour and work my bum off to save up enough money to get her into the UK with me. Thank you SDC for bringing Kali and I together.“

Nira (1)

Nira lives since Summer 2014 in Switzerland together with Carmela. Thanks for giving her a happy new life. She had hernia and needed an urgent surgery. Many young dogs get this and can die from it. Nira (2)


Didi Maya adoptet Alfred 2014. Now he lives two doors next to the SDC. He was hairless and very scared when he came to the center. But he recoverd fast and he became such a healthy and handsome boy. Unbelieveabel!


Juliette adopted Bebe/Rani. She was very sick and weak. Please read our Winter 2014 newletter with the miracle story of Bebe/Rani and her recovery with the help of Dr. Gautam and street dog care family


Sam (Ben) lives in Germany together with Laura and Ben since 3 years. Laura found him injured on the streets and brought him to the center for a retretment. She was so touched by this sweet dog that she decided to take him home.


Sonam in Nepal – with Sole


Vote in Nepal/Germany – with Eduard


Angeela picking up Raju from SDC


Ronaldo in Nepal – with his family


Karma in Nepal-with Sophie


Zelda in Nepal – with Susmita


Changa lives in France with Isa


Cilu in France – with Juliet and her parents


Ganga in the US – with Hanna and family

We also have to say we have had mintu copyseveral successful local and international adoptions and dogs who were once starving on the streets are now sleeping in plush beds with the best of food and toys!

We also have to say,contrary to what many believe, some street dogs are very happy living a life of freedom on the streets.  Especially our street dogs in the Tibetan Buddhists area of Boudha where many dogs are seen as “community” dogs and are looked after relatively well. There is a kind lady feeding the dogs around the big stupa in Boudha, so they get their breakfast and dinner each day.

Many of our volunteers fall in love with these dogs.

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