Supportes of SDC

An overview of Street Dog Care supporters

Through SDC’s work, the organization has accumulated many compassionate supporters across the globe. Many of our donors have found Street Dog Care as tourists or practicioners visiting Boudha, through volunteering, on Facebook, the SDC website, and word of mouth. All donors and supporters, both locally and internationally, are very important to SDC. SDC is funded almost entirely by donations, and these supporters often provide generous monetary, product, and in-kind donations.

Please see below a list of some of our supporters.

Through SDC’s work, the organization has created a very supportive local community. SDC likes to maintain this positive rapport through respecting the local culture, behaviors of our volunteers, etc.

SDC has also created a community of international dog adopters, the group often communicates on the SDC Adopted Dog Facebook group. Many dog Adopters and their beloved nepali dogs are very good supporters for SDC.


Adopted dogs supporting us:

Gyalwa in Switzerland

Teddy in Germany

Mr. Ein in the UK

Supporters of SDC

Rangjung Yeshe Shenpen and Chance of Nepal support our yearly rabies vaccination program.

Many private donors give monthly donations, single donations or sponsor a kennel.

Thank you to Denise Mc Ginty, Thupten Choephel and Dena Weirich for being fixed monthly donors.

Ethical Wares in the UK is selling our products and 100 % of the income goes back to SDC









Here a list of friends selling our fundraising products: Murielle Cordemans, Tanja Burri and Mike, Riet de Groote, and many other volunteers that come to SDC and help spreading the word.