Kennel sponsorship

If you like to help a specific dog and get monthly updates of him/her please sponsor a dog kennel for an entire year:

The cost is Euro: 300,- (which covers all cost)

(or $/Euro: 25,- per month)

Here a list of our Kennels and Sponsors. (updated on April 21, 2016)

We have some kennels available, please inquire with Andrea about the sponsorship at

Kennels Main Area

Kennel 1 dog Kelsang, sponsor Riet de Groote till January 2017

Kennel 2 dog Kutima, free for sponsorship

Kennel 3 dog Chyangha, free for sponsorship

Kennel 4 dog Dharma, sponsor Annemie till October 2016

Kennel 5 dog Kali Wolfi, sponsors Elfi & Lara R. till October 2016

Kennel 6 dog Domi, sponsor is Arlette und Guido till December, 1th 2016

Kennel 7 dog Roy, free for sponsorship

Kennel 8 dog Sure, free for sponsorship

Kennel 9 dog Billy, sponsors are Andreas and Monika Grothus till September 2016

Kennel 10 dog Plum, sponsors are Andreas and Monika Grothus till September 2016

Kennel 11 dog Choeron, sponsor is Martin Cox in memory of his wife Alissa, till December 2016

Kennels Isolation Area

Kennel 12 dog Frida, sponsor is David from France

Kennel 13 dog Aariya, sponsor is Jan Veer till August 2016

Kennel 14 dog Andy, free for sponsorship

Kennel 15 dog Leezie, sponsor Anita Schlüchter, till October 2016

Kennel 16  dog Lizi, sponsors are Barry and Erika

Kennel 17 dog Tomy, free for sponsorship

Quarantine Area:

Q1 dog Lucky, sponsor is Laura Monasterio till December 2016

Q2 dog Khairi & Peace, sponsors are Evelien and Maria till August 2016

Q3 dog Pema, sponsor is Kevin from Canada

Q4 dog Oscar, sponsors are Elfi and Lara R.till October 2016

Q5 dog Chomo Sang, sponsor is Melanie from Austria

Garden Suite (host up to 4 dogs)

1 dog Courage, sponsor is Verena Clemencic-Jones till December 2016

2 dog Maya, sponsor is Ray Townson, (sponsors also Rambo and Jeevan’s food)

3 dog Harke, sponsor 50% Briany Black

4 dog Bulla, sponsor 50% Briany Black

5 dog Piko, sponsors are Andreas and Monika Grothus till September 2016

Permanent/Resident dogs

guard dog Tara, sponsor is Birgit Gerber till October 2016

dog Peio, free for sponsorship

dog Rambo (food is sponsored for, by Ray Townson)

dog Rinchen, sponsored by Rinchen Tsogyal

dog Maya (sponsored by Ray Townson)

dog Jeevan (food is sponsored for, by Ray Townson)

dog Bubble, free for sponsorship

dog Julie, sponsor is Ginny Carlin till April 2017


jan and Kunsang

Jan Veer Sponsor of Kunsang


Ray sponsors Maya and support food for Jeevan and Rambo too