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Street Dog Care needs your help! We are a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers. Volunteers play an essential part in our work to improve the lives of our street dogs at the centre. People who came to Nepal to volunteer with us are generally very happy and had wonderful experiences. The minimum time to volunteer with us is 3 weeks. Street Dog Care is a No-Kill centre.

Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering with us:


Street Dog Care is a charitable organization endeavoring to help as many suffering animals as we can, self-funded volunteers will be most welcome to work with us.

Vets and vet nurses will be helpful in assisting our dog centre and also to help our outreach programs like rabies control and else.

Anyone else with an interest in animal welfare and a desire to ease animal suffering are also welcome. We have many centre based dogs to care for and assistance with feeding, cleaning and socializing the animals will be of great help.

We strongly encourage volunteers to spend a month or longer at our shelter. When volunteers stay for at least a few weeks, they build close relationships with the animals and can see them become more bonded to people.

Many of our volunteers fall in love with one of the dogs at our shelter and adopt them. If you can give a loving home to an animal in need, you might meet your new best friend at Street Dog Care!

The work is very rewarding and our site animals are delightful as you can imagine and see from the photos on our website.

Check out what volunteers & supporters have to say

Below we let our volunteers tell their account of visiting Street Dog Care & our supporters have their say about what helping us to save animals means to them. We hope they inspire you to visit us or give us your support to advance our mission. We are only as good as our support base – without you it can’t happen.

Volunteers of SDC:



Volunters from Animal Support Group



click here to watch video of Katharina Winkler

click here to watch video of Frida Ek Terlecki 

click here to watch our honeymoon couple in action at SDC

click here to watch Rene helping Bulla with Physiotherapie

Brian volunteered to make a video for SDC

Marius Früh from Switzerland, volunteer at SDC

Gesine Camps from Germany, volunteer at SDC (came through Granny Au-Pair)

Supporters of SDC:

click here to watch Dr. Theiss “Thank You video with Laura Jayo”:


We are able to recommend you a few accommodation in Boudha. There are some cheap guest houses in the area. You would be expected to fund your own meals and other expenses including your flight to Kathmandu.

Check here for rooms in Boudha:

Ram DVD Shop, +977 9841242224, rents private rooms with shared kitchen

Boudha Studio rooms, Lobsang Sangpo, phone: +977 9801083426; lobsangsangbo@gmail.com, rents studio apartments (100-200$ per month)


Kailash Guest house, +977 9813756309 danu.sherpa@yahoo.com (very inexpensive, about 5$/ 500Rs/ night)

PRK Guesthouse +977 01-4914911, about 15$ per night

Mandala Hotel at the Stupa +977 014916597 (very modern, nice, hot shower, wifi, expensive hotel at Stupa, about $30 USD/night)